How Omni-channel Marketing Strategies Can Help The Healthcare Industry Remain Resilient During Challenging Times


Although the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, the consequences, including rising healthcare costs, are still with us. What are the healthcare finance trends for 2022? We can definitely expect ongoing costs associated with COVID-19 testing, patient care and vaccine administration to continue well into 2022 and beyond.

Healthcare organisations are faced with many challenges, like the ability to provide high-quality care while keeping costs under control. As a result, healthcare providers must be able to take advantage of technology solutions, that will enable them to streamline operations and improve patient satisfaction rates.

The Challenges Faced By The Healthcare Industry Today

The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding and is expected to reach $7 trillion in the next decade. This means that more people will require treatment or care for their diseases and ailments. To meet these patient demands, doctors and nurses must be able to provide high-quality healthcare services that will allow them to live longer lives. However, this comes with its own set of challenges: rising healthcare service costs, rising patient satisfaction (or lack of it) and rising competition from new businesses entering the market on a continuous basis.

One of the greatest challenges lies in being able to meet patients’ demands for convenience and speed. The workload of doctors and nurses is increasing at an alarming rate as new medical technologies emerge and patient expectations grow. In order to meet these demands, the healthcare industry needs innovative solutions that enable them to take better advantage of technological innovation.

Increasing demand for healthcare providers

The need for healthcare providers to keep on top of the ever changing industry will require them to be continually training on new technologies, researching new therapies and developing new procedures. The growing public demands for greater convenience have caused healthcare providers to create more innovative and comfortable methods of providing care.

Lack of data management and regulatory constraints

Outsourcing your data management services can mean a lack of experience with your clientele and a lack of familiarity with the specific attributes that make up your brand. When faced with these challenges, you may struggle to retain customers by failing to provide a true value proposition.

The rapid advancement of technologies

The advancement of technology is a challenge to the healthcare industry since new innovations come at a much faster pace than previous years. Healthcare providers have not been able to keep up with new medical discoveries and inventions like artificial intelligence, robotics, and 3D printing. As more and more people are living longer lives, it is critical to ensure that they have access to adequate healthcare coverage as they grow older.

Healthcare institutions’ cost control

With high-deductible plans, consumers are bearing an increasing portion of the healthcare cost burden. To improve their financial health and prosper under value-based care, healthcare systems must identify the root causes of high costs and implement smart, creative solutions. 

How Can Hashtaqs Market For Medical Supply Companies?

In order to market to healthcare operators effectively, marketing service providers must determine their target audience, craft a message that will resonate with them, and adapt their message throughout every stage of their company’s operations.

Marketing efforts include research and analysis of current or potential markets, ensuring that the provider is equipped with the latest trends in technologies and innovation, building customer or client relationships and delivering value over money through quality services.

If medical service providers intend to market effectively, they will need to understand the healthcare operators’ influence in the market. In order to develop a competitive edge in the industry and more importantly to stay ahead of the competition, service providers should address the needs and challenges of their target audience through both creative and innovative solutions as well as services that fit a business’s needs.

Educational healthcare workshops

Many businesses have different needs and goals, but all of them intend to grow and to meet their goals. Hashtaqs’ workshops are designed to provide businesses with many possible ideas, methods, and examples through which we can help your business to grow.

Hashtaqs provide training and consultancy services to businesses in the areas of sales techniques, customer excellence, branding & marketing, problem solving & decision-making and leadership.

Conferences that share professional ideas with other healthcare businesses

Healthcare conferences are a great way to get in touch with other professionals within the same industry, exchange ideas and learn from each other. Conferences and meetings organised by Hashtaqs help businesses connect with each other in an informal environment. We also have several benefits such as enhancing team coordination and communication, as well as the professional development of all participants.

Healthcare professionals networking

Marketing services can help healthcare businesses achieve many outcomes. Healthcare needs to provide the right message to patients and targeted consumer groups, while maintaining and developing relationships with each significant stakeholder in order to deliver on its marketing objectives successfully. Hashtaqs’ marketing services are designed and developed specifically for these healthcare organisations to ensure that they work as efficiently as possible, effectively communicating and meeting consumer needs across a range of touch points.

Linkedin engagement to connect with healthcare decision makers

Building a professional network on LinkedIn can be a good way to build and nurture relationships. LinkedIn is a networking platform that helps professionals and business owners to connect with people from their industries. Engagement with decision makers can help in reaching out to lead doctors who are key to your sales initiatives.

Hashtaqs’ LinkedIn engagement helps the healthcare industry by bringing together all its members in one place, allowing them to share current projects, their opinions and ideas at a large scale.

Digital marketing training

Here in Hashtaqs, we drive website traffic by uplifting the visibility of a business through search engine optimisation and focus on keyword domination and content development.

Why Hashtaqs?

Hashtaqs is a professional platform for healthcare professionals to connect, collaborate and share information. By offering the most advanced and secure suite of features and functionality, Hashtaqs is helping companies enhance their business operations by providing enhanced revenue potential through increased patient retention, improved physician communication and overall cost containment.

Hashtaqs uplifts businesses through business, brand and digital transformation.  

We provide advisory & implementation activities in brand transformation, marketing, digital transformation & internationalisation of businesses.   

We immerse ourselves in the client’s journey & provide a transformation roadmap for them to achieve their goals through problem identification, customised solutions, upskilling talent & business transformation.  

Our consultancy work is supportable with the funding scheme for local SG businesses up to 70%. Contact us for a consultation at +65 8868 1418 or email us at [email protected]. For more info, visit

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