LinkedIn Marketing Strategies To Build Relationships For Your Brand & Business

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies To Build Relationships For Your Brand & Business

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies To Build Relationships For Your Brand & Business

LinkedIn is a favoured social network for business connections & networking. While it might not be as popular for business marketing like Facebook or Instagram, many B2B firms, brands, startups & companies have now set up a presence on the platform.

LinkedIn today has more than over 610 million members. Of these, 303 million are active monthly members, while 40% are visitors or non-members who visit the site daily. For many businesses, LinkedIn has 90 million senior-level influencers/thought leaders & 63 million decision makers from top brands and companies.

Serious decision makers would not professionally go for Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets, YouTube videos or even Instagram images when it comes to building a network of business contacts or connecting with potential stakeholders.  

LinkedIn marketing helps in relationship building with key decision makers digitally, as cold calling is no longer possible due to the pandemic.

Lead generation is crucial for the growth of any brand or company. Yet, it is still not enough just to have a lot of names without any quality in them. Quality is what matters at the end of the day as it improves any business sales process in the long run.  

LinkedIn marketing provides an effective way to bypass gatekeepers and to find and connect with your prospects directly and more effectively. Yet many people do not take advantage of it due to a lack of knowledge on how to go about it or deem the process to be too time-consuming.

To help to overcome these challenges, here are some essential tactics one can apply to their  LinkedIn marketing to boost their profile and to target the leads they want.

Optimize Your Profile

In the digital world, the first impression is not made with a handshake. Often the deciding factor on whether a business prospect will connect with you is based on their LinkedIn profile. It is therefore important that the headline, summary, and experience sections provide potential contacts with the necessary information about yourself, past achievements & the company that you work for.

Connect With Ideal Prospects

One of the main reasons for planning for Linkedin Marketing is to acquire quality leads for your brand or business. Identify from the start and be clear on exactly who you are targeting after.

Some people may be worried about contacting complete strangers on the platform, however, treat LinkedIn as a digital version of a networking event, where your role is to network and to meet new people and businesses. Always ensure that you have a compelling reason as to why you intend to connect with them in the first place and be upfront with them once they accepted your invitation or request.


Do not start an invitation to a business prospect with sales. Start off with an introduction and a conversation, while building a rapport with the contact. When an invitation is accepted, plan a series of meaningful messages and space out their delivery over several weeks. This way, you are not bombarding the lead with messages, which may make them less likely to respond or worse cut ties with you.

Make your first message an introduction to who you are.  Personalize the message by mentioning something about their work, and whatever you do. If there is still no reply, try a second message, make a case as to why you are keen to be connected with them and why it would be great to meet. If the conversation is still getting nowhere, you could try a third message asking if they have some time for a meeting because you feel that there are potential synergies to explore in both business and professionally.

If they have not accepted your connection request, you can also send them a message for free on LinkedIn, if you share the same group with them. Alternatively, non connected leads could also be reached via an InMail message, if you have a Premium or Sales Navigator account.

Post Status Updates

Think about what sort of topics, content or articles your business prospects might be interested in? Tailor your posts to feed their needs. By consistently providing value and establishing yourself as an authority, your profile eventually would get across to all key decision-makers that you intend to connect with in the first place.

You could start with valuable content, interesting business case studies or stats or even thought-provoking statements that would resonate and relate with your prospects.

Monitor Your Leads

Lead generation is not something you could just execute for a week of every month, and expect to get results immediately. The whole process is a long term game and it needs to be consistent with daily connections, planning strategic messages, follow-ups & email reminders.

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