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Elevate Your Presence with Offline Marketing at
Conferences and Summits

Conferences and summits are dynamic gatherings that bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss trends, and foster meaningful connections. These events often encompass a diverse range of topics, from business and technology to healthcare and beyond. Attendees engage in workshops, panel discussions, and networking sessions, creating a rich environment for learning and collaboration.

We drive traffic by curating events where business engagement and interaction can be heightened. From program production, speakers’ acquisition, RSVP management, to venue acquisition and on-site management, we will handle end-to-end for our clients. Clients could also leverage on our Virtual HASH Asia Summits to showcase thought leadership, increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Rear view of Audience in the conference hall or seminar meeting which have Speakers are Brainstorming

Offline marketing at conferences allows businesses to establish face-to-face connections

Personal interactions create lasting impressions and build relationships that go beyond digital exchanges. Participating in conferences enhances brand visibility. Sponsorships, booth presence, and branded materials ensure that your business stands out in a sea of competitors, leaving a memorable imprint. 

Speaking engagements and panel participation position your business as a thought leader. Sharing insights and expertise during conferences elevates your brand’s authority within the industry.

Conferences attract a targeted audience interested in specific topics.

This focused demographic increases the likelihood of connecting with individuals genuinely interested in your products or services. Conferences provide unparalleled networking opportunities. Engaging with industry peers, potential clients, and collaborators can lead to valuable partnerships and business expansion. 

Offline marketing at conferences is a potent lead generation tool. Engage with attendees, collect contacts, and generate leads that have a genuine interest in your offerings. Direct interactions at conferences offer real-time market insights. Understanding the challenges and needs of your target audience allows for informed adjustments to your business strategies.

High angle view of handsome Caucasian businessman with microphone speaking in front of business people sitting at business seminar in office building

Offline marketing efforts, such as logo placements, branded merchandise, and interactive booth setups, contribute to brand recognition.

Embrace the power of offline marketing at conferences and summits to propel your business to new heights. The value of personal connections, brand visibility, and targeted engagement cannot be overstated. Let your business make a lasting impact beyond the digital realm by actively participating in industry events.

How can Hashtaqs help?

Here in Hashtaqs, we prepare for an exhibition either as an organiser or an exhibitor, we are able to assist in managing your clients, partners and marketing activities on-site.

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