Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Hashtaqs have the omni-chanel marketing capabilities to uplift businesses through online and offline marketing activities. Omni-channel is an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy which is customer-centric.

Digital marketing activities include content production, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Linkedin lead generation, data mining, virtual summits and webinars.

 Offline marketing activities include B2B and B2C events, seminars, and expos in-house and externally, to expedite our client’s business growth through extensive marketing exposure. We are focused in aligning our solutions with the customers’ journey.

Digital Marketing

Offline Marketing

Content Marketing

We drive engagement through effective content marketing strategies to generate traffic and build following. We develop short-form and long-form content for social media posts and blogs for clients.

Conferences & Summits

We drive traffic by curating events where business engagement and interaction can be heightened. From program production, speakers’ acquisition, RSVP management, to venue acquisition and on-site management, we will handle end-to-end for our clients. Clients could also leverage on our Virtual HASH Asia Summits to showcase thought leadership, increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Search Engine Optimisation

We drive website traffic by uplifting the visibility of a business through search engine optimisation and focus on keyword domination and content development.


Preparing for an exhibition either as an organiser or an exhibitor, we are able to assist in managing your clients, partners and marketing activities on-site.

Lead Generation

We help to build and capture a network of potential targeted groups or people to be redirected for nurturing as sales prospects. We generate leads and data mine based on clients’ wishlists.

Community Development

We specialise in building communities for our customers so they could nurture, engage and educate their prospects and clients. We also have our own HASH business community in which businesses could leverage on to build networks, showcase thought leadership and increase brand awareness.

Virtual Summits & Webinars

We host virtual summits and webinars to help businesses connect and engage with their prospects and customers. From RSVP management, set up and hosting the virtual event, we are able to help you execute the events with ease.

Touch-point Development & Implementation

Website Development

Develop an attractive and user-friendly website to suit your business needs and integrate useful tools such as chatbots, whatsapp, CRM, etc for a complete solution to shorten the customer service cycle and manage your leads effectively. 

We could also assist businesses in creating a compelling brand story on their home page that differentiates themselves from their competitors.

E-commerce Development

Develop a user-friendly, smart e-commerce platform that could recommend products to your customers and integrate chatbots to help  you interact with your customers in real-time to close the deals faster. Stand-out from other e-commerce competitors and differentiate yourself through unique design, layout, a compelling story and smart recommendation.

Social Analytics

We implement social analytics tools to help your business make informed decision-making strategies through insightful reports as well as detailed analysis on your brand health and performance on multiple social media platforms.