Hashtaqs uplifts business through brand transformation and marketing advisory and implementation online to offline. We provide a holistic and complete range of service offerings from market research, lead generation, branding and positioning, omni-channel marketing, and client engagement activities.

Hashtaqs also upskills employees and individuals through customised learning and development programs.

We provide a myriad of services to support our clients through their business journey.

Advisory and Consultancy

Hashtaqs provides Advisory and implementation services on Brand Transformation and Marketing, Digital Transformation and Internationalisation.

Branding and Marketing

We provide end to end online and offline marketing services from digital marketing solutions to event/seminar production and execution.

Brand awareness and lead generation through digital marketing via social media platforms for B2B and B2C businesses.

  • Prospect marketing
  • Face to Face engagement
  • Workshops
  • seminars and conferences

Digital Transformation

Our accredited consultants are able to address the digital gaps in business and advise on the transformation roadmap to help them be digital and future ready.


We provide cross border opportunities for business through business matching in business mission trips and events.

Training & Development

We provide customised training and development services to upskill employees and individuals in functional training and digital literacy. We also provide SkillsFuture accredited courses for the public.

Functional Training Courses
  • Sales Strategies and Techniques 
  • Omni-Channel Sales and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategies 
  • Service Excellence 
  • Communication Skills and Strategies 
  • Negotiation Strategies 
  • Personal Branding 
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Performance Management Strategies 
  • Mental Health and Stress Management
  • Teambuilding
  • Retreat Programs
  • Maximising ROI Through Effective Exhibition Strategies – For Exhibitors
  • Effective Event Management and Execution Strategies – For Event Organisers
  • Career Advancement Strategies 
  • Balancing Career with Family Commitments
  • Potential Discovery and Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs
  • Assembling and Effective Team and Managing Productivly
Digital Literacy Training Courses
  • Basic Digitalisation Skills in the Workplace
  • Digital Transformation Strategies to Boost Productivity
  • CX/UI Strategies to Enhance Product Development
  • Data Analytics to Improve Business Intelligence 
  • Leveraging on Artificial Intelligence to Improve Business Processes
  • Cybersecurity Measures to Enhance Online Security and Safety 
  • Brand Transformation and Innovative Solutions to Improve Company Branding 
  • Integrated Marketing Strategies to Maximise ROI 
  • Digital Marketing Strategies and Techniques – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 
  • Content Marketing Strategies and Methodologies – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced 
  • Marketing Automation – Tools and Strategies to Automate Your Marketing Workflow
  • Developing Effective Websites for Businesses 
  • Dominating a Niche Online Through SEO Strategies
  • E-commerce Strategies to Maximise Sales
Courses for Public
  • Understanding Consumer Behaviour to Implement More Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Steps to Starting a New Business 
  • Maximising ROI with Successful Exhibition Strategies 
  • Developing Effective Sales Proposal for Clients to Increase Opportunities for Sales Closure

Event Production and Execution

We develop B2B and B2C events to provide businesses a platform to increase brand awareness, engage with prospects, network with their buyers, increase leads and sales conversion, etc.

We do through:

Client's Seminar
Monthly Learn X Network Sessions