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How Omni-channel Marketing Strategies Can Help The IT & Tech Industry Shorten Their Sales Cycle & Acquire The Right Leads In Business

As technology continues to evolve, so do business practices and marketing strategies. In the past, a company could only reach customers either through postal mail, the phone or face-to-face. Fast forward to the present, technology has now evolved and so are the ways businesses should promote their products and services.

Technology services have helped businesses significantly to improve their outcomes and run the business better. Today, they can choose from various selections from the IT and Tech industry.

Whether in the field of AI, Cybersecurity, Data Management, Software development, Cloud computing and many more.

In December 2005, Mastercard released a statement that says “67% of business owners believe technology can give them a competitive edge.”

The technology industry is huge and many people from many fields find it to be appealing. Many companies have now extensively relied on IT and technology programs that will in the end benefit both consumers and businesses in the digital era.

However, despite the demand for both IT and Tech, cloud solution providers and tech platforms still face difficulties in building brand recognition, generating leads and engaging prospects.

So, how can these tech providers give them an edge if they have not yet figured out ways how they would face certain challenges in the industry?

The following are just some of the top marketing challenges faced by the IT/Tech industry:

Limited online marketing platforms

Since the Tech industry is made up of online platforms, innovation and computer services, most companies focus on online marketing to source for prospective clients. While online platforms offer huge opportunities in marketing, it would be better if the IT and Tech industries were to focus on maximizing their marketing capabilities into omni-channel marketing instead. As a result, this is where we can carry out the industry’s marketing campaigns by using a variation of channels, platforms, and devices to promote their products or services to customers and prospects.

Inaccurate customer acquisition

The wrong clients or customers might be attracted as a result of advertising via a generic marketing platform. Additionally, it may cause IT and Tech companies to attract customers who will use or purchase their services but will not stick around long. In lead generation, industries can gain the interest of potential customers in order to increase future sales, if done right using the right platform and method

Expanding networks

Networking involves meeting new people who may work in the same field as you. You may make connections that make technology program upgrades and integrations feasible, accessible, or even more affordable.

Networking to meet partners to accelerate integration possibilities

Events such as webinars, conferences and private seminars, where IT and Tech industries network and meet new possible partners in integrating and upgrading what they have to offer as a business.

Networking to meet prospects to build sales pipelines

Networking and finding internal contacts at targeted accounts to connect with and build sales opportunities.

Why Should Every IT & Tech Business Consider Brand Transformation & Omni-channel Marketing?

An omni-channel marketing is a systematic, multichannel strategy which is client focused. Its objective is to establish exceptional, high-quality connections that inspire customers to decide on IT & Tech solutions.

Brand transformation is all about helping IT / Tech businesses to provide customers with a consistent brand image, messaging and overall experience wherever they are.

How Hashtaqs Offers Excellent Omni Channel Sales & Marketing Strategies For The IT/Tech industry?

Increase brand awareness & education through social media & content marketing

Instead of just focusing on specific platforms where IT/Tech businesses focus, Hashtaqs uses multi-marketing opportunities like online and offline advertising, webinars, and seminars to connect with the market and other industries and approach potential customers by focusing on creating and distributing, valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a targeted group or audience. We do not just provide or publish basic information about what the industry offers, but also to build on the awareness stage through solutions and means of educating consumers about the IT & Tech businesses.

Increase engagement with prospects through networking & educational sessions

In Hashtaqs, events like conferences, summits and the business networking sessions that we organise, we can also help to connect with other potential industries to source for the right products/services needed for integration or collaboration.

Acquiring the right customers through relationship building digitally  

With Hashtaqs, IT & Tech Industry can target their desired customers at different demographic locations, collect important data and information about potential prospects, their needs, their preferences, build relationships and engage with professional decision-makers digitally through LinkedIn engagement.

Increase lead generation through SEM and SEO

With SEM and SEO, we drive website traffic by uplifting the visibility of a business through search engine optimization with focus on keyword domination and content development. Your business website needs to be trustworthy & relevant with something to offer audiences who are seeking services from an IT / Tech solutions company.

Why Hashtaqs?

Hashtaqs uplifts business through brand transformation, omni channel marketing and ecosystem development to bring prospects closer to our clients through advisory, training and implementation online and offline.

We engage our clients throughout their transformation journey and offer a brand transformation & omni channel marketing roadmap to help them reach their objectives through problem-solving, customised solutions, upskilling people, and business transformation.

Our consultancy work is supportable with the funding scheme for local SG businesses up to 70%. Contact us for a consultation at +65 8868 1418 or email us at [email protected]. For more info, visit www.hashtaqs.com



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