Virtual Summits & Webinars

Virtual Summits & Webinars

What is a Virtual Summit & Webinar?

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown period earlier this year, many people and businesses and SMEs were unable to operate or meet with each other physically. Live events as well as seminars were not spared as well, as the period forced everyone to a new normal by embracing and adapting to digital transformation as well as change.

To adapt to this brand new environment, we went digital as well and hosted a series of themed bi-weekly virtual webinars on different topics, lifestyle shows and a full-scaled virtual summit event, inviting industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, investors as well as experts in their field for a session of sharing, networking and connecting with other attendees. 

Why is it important?

During this uncertain climate change and global recession, it is vital for all business owners, entrepreneurs to always be ready, strategies and to take necessary steps to ensure that they thrive, grow and to stay ahead of the competition before another business takes over the market.  

(Fireside chat discussions on an event platform)

(Educational webinars like the Virtual HASH LearnXNetwork)

(VIP Networking session with event attendees via Zoom)

How can Hashtaqs help?

Here in Hashtaqs, we host virtual summits and webinars to help businesses connect and engage with their prospects and customers. From RSVP management, set up and hosting the virtual event, we are able to help you execute the events with ease.

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