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Why Companies Should Leverage On Webinar Marketing To Educate Prospects & Develop Business Relationships

Hosting a webinar is a great way to generate leads, build brand awareness and authority, and develop relationships with both internal and external prospects. Unlike a physical event, webinar content can also be saved for others to view and review after the session has ended.


What is webinar marketing?

Webinar marketing is an inexpensive way to engage with the audience on products or services that you offer online in real-time.

Benefits of webinar marketing

Enriching with greater content generation

We all know content is king. Online webinars in general can be recorded, post edited and then repurposed as part of content. For example, the entire event can be uploaded into YouTube, transcripts can be reuse as blog posts and social media updates or specific sections can also be added under the training section of a company’s website.


Educating the audience and establishing authority

People often flock towards those that have the answers they seek; be it business organizations or an individual that is considered an expert in their own field. Through a webinar, you can establish yourself or your brand as an authority in the market with insightful topics and valuable information for your audience.

Once the audience attends the webinars and finds them to be informative, because it addresses their primary concerns and questions, the chances are they will also be bound to start looking at your brand as an authority in the field. This also means that your brand will come to mind whenever your target audience is in search of informative content.


Maximizing a wider audience reach

Webinars are accessible to a global audience. Businesses can extend their reach to anyone across the world effortlessly and conveniently, provided that they have access to internet-enabled devices. Businesses are now no longer limited to only marketing their services or products to the customers within their geographical reach, but also expanding across borders and oceans.  

Tips to develop a successful webinar marketing

Focus on the topic to drive sales and leads

One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to a webinar is to ensure that the event has an interesting topic. The more specialised and concise the topic is, the better and the more reason people would want to attend.

Create topics from the perspective of the problems the audience regularly faces and also consider including certain business-related keywords in your titles. This could help drive more people to the webinar who are not listed on your subscriber lists or even late signups.


Invite quality guest speakers to increase interest

Upon deciding on the topic, another key area to consider when hosting and developing a successful webinar marketing would be the acquisition of speakers. Invited speakers can be based on industry experts, business founders, leaders or even high profile speakers from well-known brands.

The trick is to promote these speakers based on name, company and position to showcase their credibility and thought leadership on the chosen topic.


Leverage on existing connections to promote the event

Spread the word through existing connections in your network. Whether it is through business partners, colleagues or invited speakers, promote the event by asking your contacts to forward it to anyone whom they may think would benefit from it.


Provide valuable content to maximize effectiveness

Ensure that the audience receives the same value for the time they invested in the webinar. If the content or topic is not beneficial or up to scratch, it will eventually do more harm than good to feedback or to any future new events.

In addition, do not oversell when it comes to products and services. Instead, focus on educating the audience in the information that would help solve their problems, rather than selling them upfront just because it is beneficial for them.


Interact, engage and keep in touch with the audience

Share website links, contact information, future upcoming events, social media accounts or discussion groups to reconnect with them after the end of the event. This would also allow visitors to go through older content and increase the chances of them signing up for future sessions.


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