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5 Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your Business Grow in 2022

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This article is contributed by James Wilson, a content writer.

Creating, establishing, and growing a business is an uphill climb. It takes more than luck and elbow grease. You need a vision, a marketing funnel and a sound plan, a goal for growth, and strategies that are easy to establish and apply. As a business owner, you need to come up with strategies not only to keep afloat but also to grow your business.

If you are looking for business strategies that will help your business to grow, read the strategy laid out for you below.

Strategies for business growth

There are many business strategies for each type of business and every business owner. The method we have in our list is based on current marketing trends that have been proven to work.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Nearly every business that has an online presence applies SEO techniques. Even large, established conglomerates have internal and external SEO strategies for their internal customers (employees who provide service to other employees) and external customers (actual paying customers).

SEO strategies help direct traffic to your website. To do this, you will need to learn about keyword search and how to optimize your content to rank higher in search engines. Research has shown that the top search results in search engines get the most traffic. More traffic means more customers. More customers tell more sales.

Business blogs

A lot of the marketing landscape has changed within the last few years. We now see many businesses publish content through blogs, videos, and podcasts that help them connect with their target audience. This also allows them to cast a broader net to create more awareness of their business and attract more potential customers.

The effectiveness of blogging or any other content marketing strategy you end up using hinges on the quality of your content. You need to create content that is both enticing and informative. Get creative. Use videos to show what your business is all about, write about your products and services, and how your customers can use them in their daily lives. Once you have created your quality content, you can generate backlinks to your blogs. These will drive even more traffic to your website.

Social media marketing

It seems like nearly everyone has a social media profile nowadays. And many businesses are taking advantage of that. Therefore, social media can help you generate more customers by applying social media marketing strategies.

You can advertise your wares through your social media platforms. For example, you can link back to your business website to direct customers to your business page. You can also interact with your customers in real time via social media. Or you can host virtual events and games and stream product launches through your social media accounts.

The biggest names when it comes to social media marketing and social engagement are still Facebook and Instagram. However, you can leverage other social media platforms, like Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Reddit.

Emails and newsletters

Back in the day, businesses had departments dedicated to cold calls where agents would call people on their list to drum up business. And while this is still a business practice, most companies have email marketing strategies in place.

You must be very careful when applying email strategies to avoid sounding like a spam email. Spam emails get sent to spam folders, and when your marketing emails are construed as spam by your target customers, your emails will end up in their spam or trash folders. To have an effective strategy, your emails must be unique for each target customer category. You can’t have just one email to everyone telling them to Buy! Buy! Buy!!! Your customers need to feel like they connect with you.

You can still have automated emails that go out to your customers, but you need to make them unique for every type of customer you have. First, it helps to categorize your customers into categories that make the most sense. Then create an email unique to each class. Also, run spell check and grammar checks before you send email blasts. People are taught that misspellings and grammar errors are signs of phishing emails and scams.


Automation can be your best friend in marketing. It cuts down the man-hours needed to achieve your marketing goals and removes repetitive tasks from your plate. Automation can even send your marketing emails to you.

There are many automation tools for each step in your marketing journey, whichever strategy or strategy you choose. You have your CRM and CMS tools, email automation, and SEO tools. Leverage automation to make things easier for you and your marketing team. Your devices can run in the background while you can focus on creating original marketing campaigns and strategizing your next product launch.


There are many strategies for growth that you can use to help you expand your business. You just need to choose which ones work for you and your vision for your business. But whatever strategies you choose, always keep in mind to maintain high quality in your marketing materials and to keep an eye on marketing trends and what keeps customers engaged.



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