The Benefits Of Organic Search Marketing (SEO) To Drive Business Growth

53% of traceable web traffic stems from organic search results, unlike paid search traffic that only brings only 15% of web traffic according to a study by Brightedge.

Brands & businesses tend to ignore organic search marketing because of the long wait in ROI, however it is important that one should not ignore them especially when it comes to driving traffic to your site and generating newer leads for businesses. Even a small amount of monthly work can have drastic benefits down the line, thus the importance of search engine optimization (SEO).

As with most businesses, competition is imminent in every industry or niche. Thousands of people are organically searching for the same products or business services just like yours. Everyday it is estimated that people conduct over 3.5 billion searches over in Google alone. Getting your site or business towards page one in every search result is vital, and this can only be achieved with the right strategy & tactics of organic search marketing.

The term organic search was originally coined for Google Analytics, indicating the channel of unpaid traffic created by online users through Google’s organic listings. The word organic search is commonly used interchangeably with SEO as an umbrella term for the entire organic search strategy. This strategy is explained by making sure the right people find your site through relevant, valuable search queries in any search engine on the Internet.

There are multiple strategies that you can implement for organic search marketing. In the following, we will discuss the key important ones and their benefits in driving business growth.

Understand your audience

To be able to map out effective SEO strategies, brands & businesses would first need to learn and understand exactly who their target audience is, their wants and their needs. Once that is out of the way, they will be able to develop relevant business related content in order to draw them in. For example, you could start with writing a blog based on the type of questions people tend to ask on sites such as Quora about your target niche and the industry that you are in.  

Research for relevant keywords

It is vital to also devote some time to research on relevant keywords to your industry. Organic search marketing relies on the ability to understand what type of search terms your prospects are using on their search engines. One of the key factors in SEO strategy’s success boils down to identifying keyword searches with the highest volume. Tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEM Rush are able to help in this and for your business to plan & execute the next upcoming marketing campaign.

Create SEO optimized landing pages

It is a well-known fact that well-designed landing pages can improve inbound leads. The more landing pages a business creates, the more visible the brand awareness will be. For each landing page, it is important to dedicate one main keyword together with a couple of supplementary words to boost the traffic to the site.

Utilize the power of social media

Most brands tend to forget about their social media channels when they are thinking about implementing SEO strategies for their businesses. Do not let good content go to waste. Share it across all social media channels, chances are people will become engaged with the post and feel more inclined to click on the website links.

Keep up to date with current trends

Just like marketing, SEO strategies are also ever evolving with trends. What may be current today, might be old news by tomorrow. Therefore it is vital to stay on top of the news, current trends, and best practices in the industry today. One of the other ways to do this is by revisiting old content and repurposing them to fit with today’s audience needs.

HubSpot Case study

HubSpot is one example that has great SEO strategies. HubSpot is an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. Most of their strategies have landed them on the first page of Google search in almost every keyword search related to their industry. From content blogs to Youtube vlogs, they have been focused on educating their audience first. With constant, long-term production of such educational content, they have increased their visibility, credibility and thus profitability over the years.

The main objective of search engines today is to deliver relevant, meaningful search results, that will answer the questions of your prospects and customers. Increasing your website traffic and organic leads is a long term game and something that will not happen overnight, but if used wisely, your brand or business will definitely create impactful results.

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