Omni-channel Marketing Strategies for a Holistic Brand Development

We recently had an engaging Virtual HASH LXN (LearnXNetwork) talk with our Founder and Managing Director Renee Tan, our guest speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, book author and licensed Jet pilot, Fabian Lim together with a close number of 178 participants online, discussing about ‘Omni-channel Marketing Strategies for Holistic Brand Development’ and addressing what are the key challenges that SMEs are facing in maintaining sales.   

Key takeaways or areas from the discussion are as follows:

What is Omni-channel Marketing?
Omni-channel Marketing defined as the utilisation of Digital and/ or traditional marketing channels to send a relevant message to a brand’s

It is ideal to conduct Omni-Channel Marketing with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) to track a customer’s journey.

If a brand/business is unable to track just how effective their messages are, or just how the customers are progressing from the brand, chances are, it is also impossible to execute a clear omni-channel marketing strategy for the business. 

Multi vs Omni-channel Marketing

Marketing starts with the company and move outwards to channels, where else,
Omni-channel starts directly from the customer and interacts between channels
for an overall seamless experience between customer and product/brand.

How important is Omni-channel Marketing?

1)     It optimises channels to their fullest potential. Combines online, offline and physical

3)     Personalises customer experience to improve loyalty.

4)     No channels are left behind.

5)     It diversifies audiences through different channels.

Omni-channel personalisation strategy

1)     Email and web personalisation (Tailored to Product Recommendations)

2)     Targeted offers, contextual segments and content (Engage and retain customers)

3)     Mobile customisation (Geo targeted offers and beacons)

4)     Integrated analytics (Enables for content personalization)

5)     In store personalisation (Digital
Devices and Displays)

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