How Influencer Marketing Works

Ever seen a celebrity promoted products on their social media? Actually, that was the origin of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is now a raising trend in online advertising.

It’s a collaboration between brands and individuals who are considered popular or have a large social reach and can influence their followers. They are called Instagram Stars, Youtuber, Bloggers, or vloggers.

We can increase our digital performance by using an influencer marketing campaign because they are available in almost every niche, but please keep in mind that one influencer can’t do all niches. If an influencer promoting something out of their niche, their audience will not take it and they can easily understand that it is advertising.

Be careful about choosing influencers too because our brand name is in their hand too. Once they did something wrong in society, probably it will affect our brand image too. But if we partnered with the right influencer, it will gave you huge impact to your business.

Here are factors that we have to consider before choosing an influencer to collaborate with:
Their audience demography
1. Reach: how many accounts/users they can reach once they posted something.
2. Engagement: how many accounts/users likes, comment and share their posts.
3. Frequency of post: are they always up to date?
4. Post performance: reviewing their post-performance is quite an important step too to track post-campaign performance.
5. Other brand testimonials: working with influencers might be challenging because you are dealing with individuals, trying to find other brand testimonials can be prepared you.

Partnering with wrong influencers can lead us to underperforming campaign and budget waste.

Why is influencer marketing so important? Because customers tend to trust influencers for making a purchase decision and word of mouth also still has the powers at increasing business performance.

When you cooperate with content creators, you always get feedback in the form of users’ likes, shares, and comments. Sometimes, influencers may give you their own tips and insights for better future cooperation.

And this may be extremely beneficial for a business. Instead of spending tons of time and money for getting the actual market feedback, here, you get it instantly. You will see what people really think about your product, its features, pros, and cons and use these insights for marketing, sales, and product development.



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