Effective Strategies for Lead Generation & Engagement to Drive Brand Awareness

How businesses should be marketing themselves has evolved along the years and especially so during this pandemic. Businesses are plagued with challenges to reach out to decision makers due to the lack of on-site conferences and networking opportunities, and also the inability to reach them over the phone when they are not always in the office.

What better ways to connect and engage other than leveraging on social media platforms and digital tools to automate your marketing messages?

However, do not confuse this with an inbound lead and a sales activity as this is a top-of-funnel marketing approach. You would still need to engage the prospects by building relationships through email marketing, messaging or meet them virtually/personally to qualify them.

So why is lead generation and engagement important for your business?
Lead generation and engagement is important for your business, especially for B2B businesses with high value deals because without it, a business would struggle to build relationships before making sales and to expand further as a brand. You are essentially also building your tribe/community of prospects who would then see your posts on social media. What you want is people that matter to see your posts.

Lead generation and engagement:

  • Helps to generates traffic to their websites where they can convert leads into customers

  • Allows you to target a customer base who is actively searching for your product or service through search engines.

  • Increases the chance of the lead purchasing from your business directly from your website

  • Ensures that your business stands out from the competition and increases the chances of conversion.

  • Allows the sales and marketing departments within a business to build a productive relationship with their customers or clients.

Effective strategies to generate leads and engage with prospects digitally

Optimize your website

Start off with the basics and fundamentals. As traffic is being driven to your website link, a good website should always be user-friendly, attractive to the buyers, and positioned well above its competitors. One should also optimize their page for Search Engine Optimization or SEO to boost its rank in Google search.

Be mobile-friendly

Your website should be the first thing your audience redirects to, in order to connect with your brand. Therefore, it makes sense to also consider having the site page available on a responsive mobile design as well. If a site page does not load or function correctly on a mobile version, you are missing the opportunity of attracting more traffic from many mobile device users.

Utilise email marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the first initial steps for your website, to give your audience an offer in exchange for an e-mail address. From there you could create a targeted list of potential customers in your niche and start sending them e-mails. You could also use e-mail marketing to initiate a conversation with your customers and to update them with new work and offers.

Post regularly on social media

The importance of social media is vital for any form of business. When used efficiently, social media is a great way to generate leads. Once your business grows and there is a loyal following to your brand, you should start sharing content that would provide value to potential prospects. It is also important to form relationships and interact with your audiences, if they decide to seek your business expertise.

LinkedIn is great for B2B businesses reaching out to key decision makers and engage with them, while Facebook/instagram works well for B2C businesses where consumers are present.

Provide offers to entice

Offering something as simple as free products, e-books, webinars, services, or discounts is a powerful way to generate leads. You can easily make interested users to engage with your services by offering either a coupon or a discount as your lead magnet. For your offers to be irresistible enough, your users will need to perceive the value of the offer and consider its benefits for them or their businesses.  

Utilise Live Chats to Improve Customer Service

A live chat is useful for both directly communicating with customers and generating new leads. It allows you to provide information in the fastest way possible and your customer service team or representative can easily engage with potential customers and help them out.

Here’s the infograph that summarises it all:

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