Optimising Customer Relationship Management with AI-Powered Anomaly Detection Agents

[Image source] This article is contributed by James Wilson, content writer. In an age where businesses compete fiercely for customer attention, the difference between success and obscurity often hinges on the quality of customer relationships. More companies are turning to artificial intelligence, such as configurable analytical agents and autonomous robots, to amplify their Customer Relationship […]

Omni-channel Marketing Strategies for a Holistic Brand Development

We recently had an engaging Virtual HASH LXN (LearnXNetwork) talk with our Founder and Managing Director Renee Tan, our guest speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, book author and licensed Jet pilot, Fabian Lim together with a close number of 178 participants online, discussing about ‘Omni-channel Marketing Strategies for Holistic Brand Development’ and addressing what are the key […]