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Virtual HASH LearnXConsult 28 October 2020


As the industry and economy evolves, customers' purchasing pattern are constantly changing. This would impact the SMEs in driving sales, especially during the pandemic. How's the customers' journey like today? How do we increase brand awareness, generate leads and engage with prospects effectively? How do we transform our brand and marketing strategies to meet the

Virtual HER® Global Innovation Festival 2020


Virtual HER® Global Innovation Festival 2020 Theme: Future of Globalisation in the New Digital Age 21 Sept 2020 (Mon) to 25 Sept 2020 (Fri) 3-6pm: Business discussion sessions and virtual cocktail networking 26 Sept 2020 (Sat) 3-5pm: HER Lifestyle session Discussion topic sessions: Revolutionary Business Transformation: Innovation, Digitalisation & Automation Catalysing Business Growth through Innovation,