Understanding Consumer Behavior

Understanding Consumer Behavior


Consumer behavior is the psychology of marketing that studies the way people purchase, use, evaluate and dispose of services and products. Understanding consumer behavior helps one determine why consumers choose a particular product or service over others. Consumers seek and purchase products to attain maximum satisfaction. Needs and wants exist if a customer is dissatisfied. Through the study of consumer behavior, we will be able to understand our consumers better, and thus be able to implement more effective marketing and sales strategies, targeting each consumer more effectively. When the marketing strategies and consumer behavior are aligned, one can expect success in their sales and higher profit margins in the market place.

This workshop comprises group discussions, role plays, sharing, critique, and review. It is designed to help participants understand consumer behavior so as to be able to develop and implement more effective sales and marketing strategies.

Learning Outcomes

​Conducting primary and secondary research to analyze your consumers more accurately.
Understanding the values affecting consumer choices that have a significant impact on the products and services consumers seek and purchase.
Aligning the brand message and identity with consumers’ values to increase the chances of a sale.
Developing marketing strategies based on consumers’ demographic information through market segmentation.
Predicting the purchasing habits of consumers to price items strategically.
Developing attractive high-value packages to excite clients to purchase impulsively.
Formulating effective price mechanisms and strategies to close bigger deals.
Day 1

​Defining consumer behavior and understanding its implication in businesses
Analyzing customers’ needs and wants through primary and secondary research
What do consumers value really for low-cost vs high-cost items?
Crafting a brand message that sells
Managing your personal brand to uplift your corporate brand

Day 2

​Understanding traditional vs modern purchasing behavior
Developing exciting elements in a sale to encourage clients to purchase impulsivel
Developing marketing tactics for various market segments
Designing a pricing strategy and mechanism that works in closing higher value deals

Course duration: 2 days

Target audience: Sales professionals, marketing professionals, business development professionals, business owners/entrepreneurs

​2-day workshop

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