Uncovering the Science of Sales

Uncovering the Science of Sales


Sales professionals face a variety of challenges in the journey to close a sale. It can be very daunting speaking to customers and cold-calling prospects. The ensuing anxiety can cause a passive sales approach: sending out emails or waiting for customers rather than being pro-active in seeking and contacting them. Inexperienced sales professionals may ‘feature-dump’. This creates a loss of customer interest and their own confidence in pursuing a sale further. Furthermore, despite applying good sales techniques, some are unable to close sales because they poorly represent their brands or do not present themselves well. Misalignment of brand message can lead a customer to mistrust the product or company which denies one a sale.

Left unaddressed, such obstacles to sound sales performance can be highly detrimental to your organisation’s performance. Sales training is the game-changer that dramatically improves your sales team’s productivity.

In this course, attendees learn the secrets of the sales process: from identifying prospects to closing a sale. They will understand active selling. The end-to-end sales skills they learn will help them overcome their personal sales challenges to become better sales professionals who clinch high-value deals fast. A insightful psychometric test will pin-point the behavioural characteristics that each attendee needs to modify to create a positive persona and personal approach that achieves high level sales. They discover how to correct their image to create an effective personal brand. They will improve their communication skills to ask the right questions in the right way and know how to pitch to close the deal. This course will equip attendees with the tools, strategies and know-how to bring value to the company and their customers.

Attendees actively experience the fundamental tenets of sales through the videos, group discussions, and activitiesincorporated in this programme.

Session 1

– Traits and mindset of a successful sales personnel
– Apollo Profiling for the sales professional: discovering your personal strengths and areas for development related to sales
– The art of personal branding in sales: Understanding the impact of personal branding on your business
– Modifying your behavior and persona to achieve better sales success
– Modifying your appearance and grooming to create a positive impression
– Engaging with your clients effectively through better understanding of their personality profile
– Understanding the stages of the sales cycle

Session 2

– Differentiating between product features vs benefits
– Identifying the target markets of the products
– Implementing lead generation strategies to grow prospects list
– Qualifying prospects strategically to shorten one’s sales cycle
– Reading the customer through visual and personality profiling

Session 3
– Investigating the needs of clients by engaging them with active listening and questioning skills
– Effective selling with clear communication and confident presentation.
– Building lasting client relationships through good interpersonal skills.
– Implementing consultative selling through SPIN methodologies
– Effective proposal writing to increase sales closure
– Applying up-selling and cross-selling techniques
– Objection-handling to overcome rejections


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Early Bird rate: $988 (By 30 May 2018)

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