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"I think Hashtaqs has done a good job by way of very pertinent relevant content, directly relevant to the business community."
Ken Soh
Group CIO, BH Global Corporation
I think that the speakers that were invited were very insightful & very knowledgable about the industries. I think it was very good to be able to hear from different people from different industries.
Serene Cai
Co-Founder, Speedoc
I will give a 5 stars on any review app. I think it is an interesting mix of minds coming together here in Singapore.
Marc Torras
Managing Director, Zenyum Singapore
I love the fact that for HASH Innovation there are people & experts from different sectors, not just one.
Zann Kwan
CEO, Deodi & Bitcoin Exchange
You shall be impressed by Hashtaqs team's ability to understand our business and the vast amount of products Zoho has to offer. Since 2019, Renee has provided us with opportunities to showcase our service offerings to our target audience. She has also taken extra time and effort to understand our products better, and also helped to educate our clients. Hashtaqs is one of Zoho's most loved omni-channel marketing agency till date.
Khoo Chia Ching
Marketing Analyst
We took a leap of faith to engage with Hashtaqs in our marketing project. We are very satisfied on the outcome. The efficient and timely support from them and their technical team has enable us to complete the project in due time.Their brilliant ideas on the marketing front have offered us a powerful suite of tools, thus creating a great impact on the presentation of our companies.I would like to express a heartfelt thanks on their professionalism and contribution.
Roysten Tan
Director, EVO Group of Companies
It's a good event and I met many Entrepreneurs. When we were talking to each other, we found out that we have a lot in common and we're able to understand each other - all the pain points and all that we had encountered throughout the journey.
Wendy Liu
CEO, Ezbuy
This is a very good platform where people gather, network and share experiences about entrepreneurship. Besides that they share their life experiences of their challenges.It is different from watching on Youtube. So besides that there are networking sessions and you have the opportunity to talk to the business entrepreneur themselves. Not only do you gain some knowledge in terms of mindset change of business, it cultivates you from leadership, thinking your own business mindset.
Cindy Puah
Department Head, Mindef
It was an insightful and interesting course! Good course to attend with your team if you would like an overview on the key success factors surrounding the  preparation and activation of an exhibition.
Yvon Bock
Founder, Hegen
I believe that these kind of events are very important. Especially for the New-Gen professionals to see, to learn and to hear from others how successful they had built their business in order to give them the best and the best chance to basically be successful in today’s harsh business world.
Ronny Tome
CEO, Ducatus Global
"It’s a wonderful format with Speeches and panel discussions that are touching on many minimized issues. I think, everything is organized at a very professional level. I’ll definitely come back again next year."
Steen Puggaard
Former CEO, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken
"These dialogue sessions are great because I think it's like-minded people coming together, the fact that they hear means that they want to learn, they want to grow, they want to see what other people are doing and they are interested.I think it's great. It's really nice and intimate crowd. I think there are a lot of people coming from different countries and different walks of life. It's more regional, which I love about it."
Deborah Henry
Co-Founder, Fugee.org
"Working with Hashtaqs as our marketing consultant has been a truly valuable experience as a new food tech company in the industry. Their team was highly professional and knowledgeable about current and upcoming marketing trends and tactics from the start. They took the time to understand our business objectives and created a tailored plan to help us achieve them."

Hashtaqs provided clear and consistent communication throughout the MRA project, keeping us informed of progress and any challenges we encountered along the way. They were always available to answer our questions and offer advice, which gave us confidence in their ability to deliver results.

The end result was outstanding. Our Facebook and Instagram pages saw significant increase in traffic, followers and engagement. Our brand's visibility has increased as well. In the case of our webinar, we had around 30 people joining our live webinar to learn more about our products and services. We would continue to work with Hashtaqs on future projects because we have been impressed by their commitment to producing high-quality work and providing excellent service thus far.

Overall, we highly recommend Hashtaqs as a consultant for anyone looking to improve their company's digital marketing strategies."
Linford Gaw
Marketing Manager, Food Services Initiatives Pte Ltd