Sales 101

Sales 101


New sales professionals may find it daunting to speak to customers and cold-call their prospects, as their anxiety level may be higher than their skills level. Thus, they may perform passive sales activities such as waiting for customers to contact them or sending out emails and hoping that someone responses. Inexperienced sales professionals may feature-dump their customers with information that do not matter, causing them to lose the sale and thus confidence to pursue further. In the long-run, this can be detrimental to the organisation’s performance.

In this course, attendees will understand what active selling is and the end-to-end sales skill sets to help them overcome their challenges and be better sales professionals who could clinch high-value deals. This course will equip attendees with the tools, strategies and the know-hows, to bring value to the company and their customers.

This course incorporates videos, group discussions, and activities in its lesson plan to allow attendees to experience the fundamentals of sales from identifying prospects to closing a sale.

Learning outcomes:

Understanding the stages of the sales cycle
Differentiating between product features vs benefits
Identifying the target markets of the products
Implementing lead generation strategies to grow prospects list
Qualifying prospects strategically to shorten sales cycle
Investigating the needs of clients by engaging them with active listening and questioning skills
Applying up-selling and cross-selling techniques
Objection-handling to overcome rejections

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