Interview Skills & Resume Writing

Interview Skills & Resume Writing


?Most people often face challenges in excelling in interviews due to anxiety and lack of experience to respond to interview questions strategically. Though they may have the right skills and background, they often fail to articulate effectively to the interviewers, thus costing them the placement opportunity to gain scholarships or entry to their preferred universities

This program aims to equip you with the capacity to ace their interviews through skillful tackling of interview questions and presenting themselves well to impress the interviewers. 

This course incorporates videos, group discussions, and activities in its lesson plan to allow attendees to experience the process of managing different interview formats, difficult interview questions, and portraying a positive image to ace the interview.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the various types of interview formats
Preparing for an interview effectively
Portraying a positive image by dressing and looking smart
Presenting yourself professionally and positively 
Tackling typical interview questions strategically
Overcoming anxiety before the interview through calming techniques