Integrated Marketing Strategies to Maximise ROI

Integrated Marketing Strategies to Maximise ROI


Businesses spend tens of thousands or even more yearly, budgeting for events to promote their products and services. Most would resort to the same practices year-on-year, printing costly collaterals, creating promotions that did not work, and investing high amounts on operations and staff for on-site events management. This is usually due to the lack of know-hows to drive sales optimally and cost-effectively at events.

Due to the low returns on investment, some would avoid marketing efforts at events altogether, leading to a decline in sales gradually due to lack of brand awareness and top-of-mind recall among prospective customers. 

This program aims to equip businesses with the skill-sets and know-hows with end-to-end strategies from planning to execution in order to achieve positive sales results pre-event and on-site. 

This course incorporates videos, group discussions, and activities in its lesson plan to allow attendees to understand and experience the process of managing and executing exhibitions seamlessly.  
Learning Outcomes:

Understanding consumers’ purchasing behaviour in offline retailing and developing strategies to meet their demands
Planning and preparing for an exhibition effectively to maximise return-on-investment
Leveraging on digital marketing and social media to build the hype of your brand and products prior to event
Attracting and engaging customers through visual merchandising for faster sales turn-around
Implementing effective sales strategies to increase sales and retain loyal customers

Total Course Fee: $410 (Applicable for SkillsFuture Credits
No. of Days: 2

For more details on credit claims and the course, click here. 

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