HASH Entrepreneurship Development Programme (HED)

HASH Entrepreneurship Development Programme (HED)

HashTaqs Entrepreneurship Development Programme (HED)

HashTaqs Entrepreneurship Development Programme (HED) is a programme aimed at providing a platform for entrepreneurs to learn from industry leaders and to execute their business ideas effectively, through the provision of a structured program, support and networking opportunities to widen their knowledge and network circle for opportunities to increase their brand awareness and to forge potential partnerships.

Early Bird ends 30 April 2021


#1: Entrepreneurship Finance for Small Businesses

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding business evaluation and valuation
  • Applying tools to analyse valuation of the business
  • Evaluating various financing and capital raising strategies
  • Developing employment strategies to attract and retain talent
  • Analysing various exit options and applying to the business
#2: Product Development
  • Developing a checklist of items to inspect before committing manpower and investment
  • Gathering Regulatory, Market, Business, Technical and Security requirements before development
  • Establishing your product development road map
  • Developing specific quantifiable job definitions
  • Managing a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team
#3: Branding and Marketing
  • Applying practical branding and marketing strategies into the business
  • Utilising tools to create attractive collaterals for online and offline marketing
  • Developing brand messages that sell
  • Understanding what marketing channels and platforms would work best for specific businesses
  • Understanding consumer behaviour for more effective sales and marketing strategies
#4: Sales and Pricing Strategy
  • Positioning your brand and business strategically
  • Applying practical pricing strategies into the business
  • Understanding the sales cycle and customers’ journey
  • Implementing effective sales methodologies for closure (B2B and B2C)
#5: Business Modelling
  • Developing a quantitative business model for the business
  • Structuring your thought process and decision-making for optimum results
  • Developing an achievable business plan with important business elements
  • Understanding what makes a viable business model
#6: Technology Application
  • Leveraging on technology to better manage, measure and scale your business
  • Usage of multiple complementary platforms to operate your business more efficiently
  • Understanding the benefits of AI and its application to boost your business

Premium Features

#1: Entrepreneurship Profiling Test & Review
  • Determine your entrepreneurial strengths and preferences.
  • Create a sustainable business model by playing to your entrepreneurial strengths, not your weaknesses.
  • Intentionally select the best entrepreneurial venture, role, and responsibilities for you.
  • Recognize the potential consequences of gaps in your entrepreneurial success factors.
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.
  • Build the right team and select the right partners.
#2: VIP Virtual Coaching session

VIP Coaching sessions held online

Number of sessions dependent on package purchased

#3: Mentorship

Mentorship session upon completion of the above modules

Number of hours dependent on package purchased

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the business model of the businesses and how they sustain 
  • Uncovering challenges faced by entrepreneurs and how to overcome them
  • Discovering operational and expansion strategies for businesses
  • Exploring how companies transform their businesses through constant innovation and digitalisation
  • Evaluating branding and marketing strategies in businesses 



Supporting Partners


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Early Bird ends 5 April 2020

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