Effective Sales Techniques to Close High-Value Deals

Effective Sales Techniques to Close High-Value Deals


Sales professionals are often driven by quantity of sales rather than the value of sales, and thus resulting in many low-value deals being closed. Sales professionals also often hard-sell their products, focusing on selling product features and not applying the right techniques for customers to understand the need of their products or services. These mistakes can affect the bottom-line of the company. Thus, it is important to apply effective sales techniques to understand clients’ situation, needs and challenges in order to propose the most relevant yet a high- value solution to them. Knowing how to draft an attractive business proposal with the clients’ needs and solution’s benefits in mind, can help increase acceptance rates from clients and avoid massive bargaining.

This workshop comprises group discussions, role plays, sharing, critique and review. It is designed to help participants understand the basic fundamentals of effective selling to the practical application of the tools and techniques, in order to obtain high-value deals.

Learning Outcomes:

Identifying challenges in closing high-value deals and how to overcome them
Defining feature- vs benefit-driven selling approaches
Applying effective questioning and pitching techniques to convince clients to close the deal
Generating effective price mechanism and strategy to close bigger deals
Developing attractive high-value packages to excite clients
Implementing bundle-selling, cross-selling, and upselling strategies to obtain higher-value deals