Effective Negotiation Strategies in Business

Effective Negotiation Strategies in Business


It is inevitable that conflict and disagreement will arise due to varied demands and priorities of various parties. Without negotiation, differences can cause conflicts which may lead to argument and dissatisfied parties. Negotiation is supposed to remove the barriers to communications.

A successful negotiation is part and parcel of achieving a win-win situation between two or more parties, and it is commonly practiced in the workplace, in business, and in life in general. It is a common problem-solving process for parties to reach an agreement. Thus, it is imperative to understand the various stages of negotiation and how to approach a situation where you are required to negotiate for a better outcome. Businesses that do not initiate the negotiation process find themselves in the losing end. Thus, it is important that staffs are trained to prepare for a negotiation, understand the limits of giving, and know when to walk away.

In this course, attendees will learn the elements and basics of negotiation, how to engage in collaborative negotiations, generate positive outcomes, and overcome the challenges in the negotiation process, in the business context, which they can also apply in their daily lives.

This course incorporates videos, group discussions, and activities in its lesson plan to allow attendees to experience the fundamentals of negotiation and how to master it in order to achieve a positive business outcome.

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding the elements of negotiation
Reacting accordingly during the various stages of negotiation
Creating conditions that make success in negotiations more likely
Developing negotiation strategies to maximise the chances for a more beneficial outcome
Closing deals effectively through win-win negotiations
Implementing a course of action during unforeseen negotiation outcome