Effective Communication Skills to Engage with Important Stakeholders

Effective Communication Skills to Engage with Important Stakeholders


Do you want to communicate clearly both verbally and non-verbally? Do you have the skills in active listening and in showing empathy? What are the strategies for communicating in a difficult circumstance? With effective communication, you can have better relationships and be more effective at work.

No matter what level or job role a person has within an organization, clear and effective communication and an ability to maintain positive working relationships is the key to achieving success. There are many tools and techniques that can be applied to enhance communication in different situations. When these are used in tandem with appropriate levels of self-confidence and sensitivity to the interests of others, on-going relationships are enhanced and preserved.


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
Impart knowledge and skills to allow workers to communicate effectively at the workplace
Apply positive phrasing and reframing techniques
Decipher the opponent body language on non-verbal communication
Practice effective workplace negotiating skills

Course Content

Interpret, analyze and clarify information received using appropriate communication techniques
Communicate courteously across social and cultural differences
Nonverbal communication techniques such as body language, eye contact and proper handshake
Dr Bruce Tuckman 4 stages of communication techniques & conflict management


?This workshop comprises hands-on exercises, group discussions, presentation, facilitation & sharing, critique and review. It is designed to help participants interact and communicate effectively with customers and fellow employees. Participants are taught the importance of providing quality service and evaluate the level of service delivered to bring about further improvements.