eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO

Executing an effective SEO strategy for E-Commerce includes the following main points:

  • Keyword Research

  • Ensure that you target keywords that areeasy to rank for, have decent search volume and more importantly high conversion rates.

  • Understand the buyer’s intent. Are they ready to buy or just browsing around for the best deals online?

  • Site Architecture

  • Describe as how do you set up your navigation, category pages and product pages. It is about getting the best, most relevant content in front of users and reducing the number of times they have to click to find it.

  • On-Page SEO

  • Make sure your keywords are all in the right places. This step is to ensure Google knows exactly what your page is all about.

  • Technical SEO

  • SEO is not just all about keywords. There is a technical side to it which includes site speed, user experience, mobile-friendliness and working links. It is all about providing the best possible experience for your users.

  • Local SEO

  • This step does not necessarily need to apply for everyone. It is only applicable if you have an existing physical store or just want more local site traffic. A local SEO can give you a boost in traffic in that area.

  • Content Marketing

  • On the whole, content is considered one of the easiest ways for your store to rank for more keywords and to build more backlinks.

  • Link Building

  • Google only cares about both content and links more than anything else. You will need to collaborate with bloggers and website owners to acquire those external links.

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