eCommerce logistics & fulfillment

eCommerce logistics & fulfillment

What is an eCommerce logistics and fulfillment?

eCommerce logistics or fulfillment is explained as the process where the merchant takes steps to deliver an order to the buyer. It also means that the seller would go an extra mile to streamline their logistics service of their online business through a smooth order process. The eCommerce fulfillment process is more than just picking and packing orders. The overall process involves the following list of areas:

  • eCommerce store and logistics/fulfillment centre integration

  • Your eCommerce should integrate seamlessly with your fulfillment centre and every platform which your brand sells on. The fulfillment centre should have a custom app or system that connects to every incoming order for any channels that it does not support as well as a responsive support to help solve any glitches quickly.

  • Receiving inventory management

  • A fulfillment centre should be ready to place the product in the inventory within 1 or 2 days of receiving it.

  • Be accessible to your inventory management system at all times.

  • Order fulfillment

  • It is important to note that in the eCommerce industry, accuracy is vital as any form of mistakes in picking as well as packing orders will cost you customers.

  • Therefore, choose a fulfillment provider that is able to offer services like a next-day turnaround or a same day delivery, a warehouse that is centrally located and request for data on centre error rates.

  • Returns processing

  • Ease of returns are important to customers as well. The quicker a fulfillment provider is able to process a return, the faster a customer will receive a refund. Efficient returns as a result will get your stock back on the shelves and ready to be sold again.  

Find a warehouse that will be able to put your return stocks back on the shelves within 2-3 days.

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