Business etiquette to portray a leader's image

Business etiquette to portray a leader's image


It is always good to take a second look at things we already know, especially about ourselves. How we view others and those in it tremendously impact the way we conduct ourselves and engage with others. People often neglect the importance of body language that speaks alot about yourself to others  – like the way you behave, the things you say or how it is being said and the attitude displayed towards a situation or towars others. And such, it is of utmost importance to leaders as displaying proper business etiquette is a matter of leadership responsibility. Etiquette competence helps leaders to gain respect and credibility based on the way they carry themselves as leaders so as to exhibit proper respect to others regardless of  their position.

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding your Etiquette Competency
Networking with purpose and effect
Potraying & reading body language
Practice active listening
Business Etiquette as a key success factor of leadership

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