Basic Digitalisation Skills in the Workplace

Basic Digitalisation Skills in the Workplace


With Digital Skills being a workplace essential in today’s society, it is impoartant for organisations to upskill themselves with the appropriate digital skills and leverage on digital technology to have a competitive advantage over others. Having a workforce that knows how to utilize such skills efficiently is key to the company’s success.

The Traditional business practices rely too much on physical assets where it leads to low growth and profit margins. Hence, it is critical for traditional businesses to turn this into digital capabilities that can further enhance customer experience and customer interaction with the help of  digital service development and innovation.

Due to the fast changing tehcnological advancements, it is also important for companies to know what kind of digital skills to invest time and money in its people to achieve better work efficiency and at the same time, to have a workforce that has a grasp of the complexity of the digital world.

Learning Outcomes:

Technological Trends Shaping the Future Digital Economy
Preparing for Adaptation and Changing Employees Mind Sets for Organisational Change
Understand the Growth of Technology in work place today
Closing the gaps between transitioning from Traditional to Digital Organisation
Levraging on Technological Platforms for Comeptitive Advanatge

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