Author: Hashtaqs

Author: Hashtaqs

How AI-Driven Marketing Can Help Scale Up Your Business
June 5, 2023 AI Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Transformation, Omni channel marketing, Technology & Innovation Hashtaqs

In today’s digital era, businesses are constantly seeking innovative strategies to scale up and reach new heights. One of the most powerful tools available to them is artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence has made significant advancements in recent years, transforming various industries and reshaping traditional business models. In marketing, AI has become a game-changer, enabling

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7 Ways to Improve Customer Retention in the Food Industry
February 2, 2023 Branding, Digital Marketing Hashtaqs

[Image source] This article is contributed by James Wilson, a content writer. The food business is notoriously fickle. You can have all the right ingredients, but if your customer retention game is off, you’ll have a hard time staying in business. No matter if you’re a small catering business or a large restaurant, improving customer retention is

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8 Ways to Improve Sustainability in Your Business
January 26, 2023 Sustainability Hashtaqs

[Image source] This article is contributed by Katie Pierce, a content writer. Sustainability is so much more than a buzzword. It’s a concept that can help businesses of all sizes make changes that positively affect the environment and their bottom line. As more and more organizations strive to become carbon neutral, it’s important to understand the

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5 Branding & Marketing Challenges Faced By E-Commerce Businesses & How To Overcome Them
January 13, 2023 Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Marketing Transformation, Omni channel marketing Hashtaqs

The days when consumers had to visit physical stores to purchase goods are now long gone. With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to acquire virtually everything. People now prefer to shop online from the comfort of their own homes rather than at the nearest shopping mall. Due to Covid19’s mobility limitations,

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Get Creative: Tips on Naming Your Business for Success in 2023
January 12, 2023 Branding, Digital Marketing, Marketing Transformation Hashtaqs

This article is contributed by Grant Polachek, Head of Branding, Squadhelp. Starting a business is an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. The journey of entrepreneurship can be challenging, but it’s worth all the hard work for those who want to create something that will leave their mark on the world. In today’s competitive landscape, entrepreneurs must understand

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3rd Annual HASH Innovation Asia Summit 2022 – Day 1
January 6, 2023 Event Marketing, Events, Latest News Hashtaqs

Innovate, Collaborate & Globalise For The Future of Sustainable Economy HASH Innovation Asia Summit is back again for a successful third time running! The HASH Innovation Asia Summit is back again and what a great third round it has been! We had an inspiring and fruitful 2-day Hybrid Summit from 1 to 2 September 2022,

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How Can The FinTech Industry Change The Financial Sector With Omni-channel Marketing
December 12, 2022 Digital Marketing, Marketing Transformation, Omni channel marketing Hashtaqs

FinTech is the term used to describe all technological advancements that leverage financial technology. This can include everything from crypto-currencies and payment services to data analysis and sharing. While FinTech is frequently viewed as an emerging industry, it is actually undergoing a period of continued growth as an increasing number of businesses provide innovative new

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Overcoming Challenges & Difficulties In The Web3 Space: Is It Possible?
December 1, 2022 Omni channel marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web 3.0 Hashtaqs

Web 3.0 is anticipated to be the future standard for web interaction and will bring about a major shift in the way web developers build websites. You have likely encountered the term “web 3.0” on the internet. Web 3.0 is the next stage in the evolution of the internet. The innovations that web 3.0 will

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5 Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your Business Grow in 2022
November 29, 2022 Digital Marketing, Email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing Hashtaqs

[Image source] This article is contributed by James Wilson, a content writer. Creating, establishing, and growing a business is an uphill climb. It takes more than luck and elbow grease. You need a vision, a marketing funnel and a sound plan, a goal for growth, and strategies that are easy to establish and apply. As a

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The Future of Sustainability & Its Potential In Omni-Channel Marketing 
November 18, 2022 Digital Marketing, Omni channel marketing Hashtaqs

Sustainability is a concept that has been in use for many years, but the term is still not very well understood by the public. When we think of sustainability, we tend to think about environmental issues such as climate change and global warming. However, there are other aspects of sustainability than just these two topics;

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