21st Century Quality Service Excellence

21st Century Quality Service Excellence


Standards of quality customer service has evolved over time with increasing expectations and demands from customers, however employees are not equipped enough with the skill sets to implement quality customer service in the 21st century to win customers. Dissatisfied customers may stop patronising the business or spread negative feedback, leading to a decline in business overtime.

In this course, attendees will understand what quality customer service is to customers of today, learn how to provide for customers’ needs, and implement exceptional service to win customers. This course will equip attendees with the tools, strategies and the know-hows, to bring value to the company and their customers.

This course incorporates videos, group discussions, and activities in its lesson plan to allow attendees to experience the process of quality customer service, which can be applied internally with fellow colleagues and externally with customers.

Learning outcomes:

Understand “Quality” in the 21st century to meet the demands of customers
Develop Quality culture internally to express better quality service externally
Overcome the challenges you face with your customers
Identify customer needs to increase awareness to serve customers better
Provide for the needs of customers effectively
Express positive attitude towards customers in various conditions
Retain and win with the customers to increase brand loyalty

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